Memory and Identity

(This is a reflection from my week at The Academy For Spiritual Formation.)

I heard one of those serendipitous, interesting quotes today, which I’ll have to roughly paraphrase because I didn’t jot it down quickly enough. From Christian author Sue Monk Kidd,

“When we enter into our lives inner story, we begin a journey of reconciliation, a reclamation of who we really are.”

Here’s why I found it particularly serendipitous today:

I’ve been experiencing a degree of reconciliation and restoration of late, and through the oddest of means: social networking, specifically Facebook. With Facebook I’ve rediscovered and reconnected with a variety of old friends – from the colleagues I knew in Illinois all the way back to elementary school friends – and been rediscovered in turn.

As I’ve reconnected with some of these friends who knew me “once upon a time,” I’m also finding that I’m rediscovering a bit about myself. I’m remembering who I was, and am getting new insights into who I am today.

Even more, I’m even experiencing a degree of inner reconciliation. In some mysterious way (perhaps sacramental?), reconnecting with old friends is helping me to come to grips with some parts of my past, and even put some old hurts or demons to rest. All of which is helping me know a bit more wholeness and, one might hope, move toward purity of heart.


One response to “Memory and Identity

  1. I applaud your reconciliation and reclamation. My experience with that is a greater joy in being who I am. It sounds to me that you are experiencing similar feelings. You can be proud of what you and God are making together.

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