It’s a funny word for a small dog. Just say it. “Chihuahua.”

There is a chihuahua in one of Will’s books, and after reading that page, every other noun becomes chihuahua in my mind. So if we read that book before reading another, the next book begins to sound like…

“Chihuahua went to the chihuahua looking for his chihuahua…”

Just thought I’d chihuahua.


4 responses to “Chihuahua

  1. This entry is an indication that you are having way too much fun. Good!

    By the way, are you pronouncing “Chihuahua”

    as She hwa hwa?


    as Che hu ah hu ah? (Che being the hard sound as in chew)

  2. It is pronounced- Chi wa wa, named after the Mexican State of Chihuahua- gotta love these dogs!

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