Banana “ice cream”

Our best recurrent dish for this summer (late summer, anyway) has got to be, hands down, our banana “ice cream.”

Banana “ice cream” started as a healthier alternative for Will. Many months ago (6+), well before Will ever tried real ice cream – with its many yummy, but sugary, ingredients – Will regularly enjoyed his mommy’s banana “ice cream,” a simple combination of (1) banana and (2) milk lifted from two different cookbook sources*.

Lynn’s original method for making it was simple: take a frozen banana (usually we do this when the peels get mostly brown), let it sit out for 10 minutes, then mash with a fork and mix in a bit of milk until it is the right consistency. (This version comes from Chef Kathleen.) Lynn found an alternative, where we dump the frozen bananas into the food processor with some milk and let it run until we get the right consistency… you do have to hold on, the processor jumps around a bit at first!

This summer Lynn found a 40lb box of bananas for $3. A stellar deal, and so we have ample bananas in the freezer, so we’ve been having banana “ice cream” with other fruit on top – sliced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. And we’ve taken to mixing it with chocolate milk instead of regular (chocolate soy milk, actually). The consistency coming out of the food processor is just like real ice cream. It’s a fantastic, chilly snack for warm summer days

(And it doesn’t hurt that you can get amazing deals on fruit – including bananas (we saw a $1 40lb box today!) – at the Superstition Ranch Market in Mesa.)

*See Missy Chase Lapine’s book series The Sneaky Chef (website here) & Kathleen Dealemans’ Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen (website here).


One response to “Banana “ice cream”

  1. Actually, I paid $2 for the 40 pound box at the Superstition Ranch Market in Apache Junction. But who’s keeping track?!? It is quite yummy. An easier snack is to roll a chunk of banana in plain yogurt, then in coconut or chocolate or nut pieces. Freeze. To eat, let sit out for a few minutes, and enjoy.

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