Word Heart

Word Heart. I chose the name in part because I love words – I love to play with words, I am passionate about God’s Word (specifically, the incarnate word that is Jesus Christ, though the word of Scripture also means a lot to me), and also because I long for God’s word/Word to dwell in my heart.

Hence the rough draft of what I intend for my header on this page. On the left, in Greek, it simply reads “Logos Kardia,” or “Word Heart.”

On the right in Hebrew (which reads from right to left) is a little image I first inscribed at my second week at the Academy for Spiritual Formation. The bigger two letters spell out LEV, “heart.” The smaller letters, nestled in among the larger ones, spell out Torah, which is usually translated in English as “Law.” However, I learned in my Old Testament studies it is better translated “Teaching,” and I would suggest it can even be read as “Word.”

There was a little notation I wrote next to it when I first scribbled the image out: “Like a seed in fertile ground, may Your Torah, Your Teaching, Your Life-giving Word, dwell and grow within my heart.”


One response to “Word Heart

  1. I like your header. I would suggest that when you get to a final draft of your header that you write a Page about it so that it is always available to those who are interested.

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