(Epicurious) Purple Pirate Potatoes

Tonight we had a new triumphant experiment: Purple Pirate Potatoes! It was a simple dish of mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower (a purple variety we picked up at the farmer’s market), and diced/mashed orange pepper and beets. I know it might sound weird, but it was really good!

Here’s how we made it (with alternative suggestions in parenthesis):

We had a head of purple cauliflower that I steamed/cooked in the microwave. I cut enough of the stem off for the floret to sit in a microwave safe container, put water in the bottom, then cooked it for 10 minutes. (See potato suggestion below for alternative for cooking it.) I mashed the cauliflower by hand. (I suggest running the cauliflower through a food processor. Mashing it by hand left the mixture a bit stringier than I would have preferred.)

We had in the fridge half a roasted orange pepper and half an oven roasted beet, already roughly diced. I diced the orange pepper more finely, and roughly chopped the beet into smaller bits. Then ran the mixture of the two through the microwave for a minute, melting a very little bit of butter on top, and mashed it with a hand potato masher. -Note: This portion is intentionally left a bit rough/chunky, in order to be the buried pirate treasure – rubies and gold!-

Although we don’t generally stock our pantry with them, we happen to have a few boxes of instant mashed potatoes that we inherited from some friends who moved. So I prepped and used half a box of herb & butter flavored instant potatoes. (An alternative suggestion that we’ll use in the future: we’ll boil the potato and cauliflower portion together in a pot. The cauliflower actually changes the water to a purple hue, which the potatoes will partially absorb. Makes one less dish to wash, too!)

Mix it all together, and enjoy! The potato/cauliflower mixture is a bright purple, and the bits of roasted orange pepper and beets give texture, some additional flavor, and add fun as you discover “gold” and “rubies!”

Lynn commented it had a slightly sweet flavor to it, Will enjoyed it (we all had two servings!), and we all had a bit more vegetables tonight as a result of it! 🙂

(As a subcategory on my blog, Epicurious entries are about my curiosity and love for food and cooking.)

One response to “(Epicurious) Purple Pirate Potatoes

  1. Hey Ron – We actually have *PURPLE* potatoes available here, down the street at the green grocer. They are smallish, usually about the size of ‘new potatoes’ but sometimes larger toward the ‘fingerling’ variety.

    They are Peruvian – I think – with a dark purple skin and a lighter purple flesh, technically a type of yam/sweet potato (which really are compeletely different species from ‘potatoes’.

    Lovely quartered and roasted w. olive oil. Slightly sweet.

    Try to find them.

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