BLESD (blessed)

God, or my pedometer, spoke to me today.

I wear the pedometer as part of a healthy lifestyle program through our health insurance (we get rewarded for regular activity, go figure!).

Earlier today, I had the pedometer off for a few minutes, and happened to glance over at it upside down, and had to do a double take. I would have sworn it said BLESSED.

When I looked the second time, it did indeed look like BLESSED – BLESD, or 05318 upside down on its little digital display. Rationally explainable, but, still… it got me thinking….

I recognize, I know, that I am blessed. I have a wonderful, beautiful wife (whose reading over my shoulder as I type this). She amazed me giving birth to Kate just one month ago today, and is a trooper late at night when the baby starts to fuss (or just wants to be awake for three hours).

We have two healthy young children, one of whom has already pushed the boundaries and survived several head-first falls that shook me up just witnessing them from afar.

We’re all healthy (though, apparently, gaseous tonight.), have a roof over our heads, and all the necessities of life covered. We even have some of the luxuries. Mmm, cheesecake…

I have a good career that is also a heart-felt vocation, in which there are times when I can really feel as though my gifts (or “graces”) have made a positive impact on the lives of others and, occasionally, impacted the community.

And I’ve had so many other positive experiences in my life – a crowd’s spontaneous applause for sunset over the Grand Canyon, backpacking Europe, dancing at the Kennedy Center, being the dark-mustached villain in community theater melodramas, and much more.

And having a heart-felt assurance of salvation that may not be the norm – a recognition that God’s love is greater than my misdeeds, or even my good deeds. A relationship with the risen Christ that deepens as I move closer to him. A desire for a pure heart that I believe is a God-given journey.

All in all, I recognize I am blessed. Not that  I think God is in any way rewarding me, because I in no way believe that God is in any way punishing others who have had difficult experiences. Indeed, it’s hard for me to rectify why some very good people sometimes experience the worst life has to offer…

I guess, when I say I am “blessed,” I really mean that I recognize that there is much that is so very good in my life, and for which I am incredibly thankful. And I am. Incredibly. Thankful.


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