Preview (Sunday, 1/24/2010)

Gifts For The Christian Life, 3: Living Your Gifts
Subtitle: “Mutiny on the Body” – A message in rhyme

Pastor Ron set to write an inspiring sermon that was theologically fit,
but unfortunately this week his heart just wasn’t in it.

So stomach and mind, aware that will was weak and hurt,
persuaded body into the kitchen to make some dessert.

Left hand was nervous, having been hurt the last time there,
so he busied himself posturing as if in contemplative prayer.

Right hand, routinely unaware of what left was doing,
uncoupled the rhyme scheme and began haiku-ing:

zenly contemplate
the sound of one hand washing
throw in the towel


One response to “Preview (Sunday, 1/24/2010)

  1. “I’ve been living out of sanity
    “I’ve been splitting hairs and blurring lines

    “If I had two hands doing the same thing”
    Jars of Clay

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