Servant Leadership & Acts of the Apostles

A few years ago, I asked a colleague and valued mentor what he was reading in relation to leadership. As a participant in various congregational development seminars, I had heard recommendations from many about books on leadership to read. Since I valued this colleague’s input, I thought I would prioritize whatever current books he was evaluating. He surprised me when he told me, “I don’t read books on leadership… but, there was one that I read years ago that I would say is the primary influence on me: Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership.”

I bought the book years ago, and it has – like too many others – been sitting on my shelf. So now, taking at the advice of one of Covey’s 7 Habits, I am choosing to be pro-active and setting out a study schedule for the book. And I’ve decided to do so with a corresponding reading through the Book of Acts.

If anyone is interested in doing the study alongside me, I would be happy to set up an online means by which we can share comments and thoughts (e.g. on this blog or via a Facebook group).

If you think you might be interested, here is the reading schedule I’ve drafted:

Servant Leadership Reading Schedule:

Sun, 5/6 – Tues, 5/8

Forward & Introduction (20 pgs)

Acts 1-3

Wed, 5/9 – Fri, 5/11

1. The Servant as Leader (40 pgs)

Acts 4-6

Sun, 5/13 – Tues, 5/15

2. The Institution as Servant (41 pgs)

Acts 7-9

Wed, 5/16 – Fri, 5/18

3. Trustees as Servants (42 pgs)

Acts 10-13

Sun, 5/20 – Tues, 5/22

4. Servant Leadership in Business (28 pgs)

5. … in Education (40 pgs)

Acts 14-16

Wed, 5/23 – Friday, 5/25

6. …in Foundations (15 pgs)

7. … in Churches (30 pgs)

Acts 17-20

Sun, 5/27 – Tues, 5/29

8. Servant-Leaders (41 pgs)

Acts 21-23

Wed, 5/30 – Fri, 6/1

9. Servant Responsibility in a Bureaucratic Society (15 pgs)

10. America & World Leadership (5 pgs)

11. An Inward Journey (14 pgs)

12. Postscript (1 pg)

Afterward (7 pgs)

Acts 24-28

Let me know, either in the comments below, or via Facebook or email, if you’d like to participate.


2 responses to “Servant Leadership & Acts of the Apostles

  1. I’ll see if I can find a copy of the book

  2. For those interested, I’m running this “virtual study” as a Facebook Group. Friend me on Facebook and let me know if you want to participate…

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