Traveling & Blogging (soon)

I know I’ve fallen back into that “I don’t update this blog very much” category, meaning that whatever goodwill or potential followers I might have picked up during my UMC General Conference posts back in May have probably all gone on to wittier, pithier pastures.

That said, I am alerting you, faithful reader whomever you may be, that I intend to share some updates on this page during the coming few weeks. I will be doing two things beginning next week:

  1. Traveling to London and through the English countryside for about a week;
  2. Studying the Wesleys, their spirituality, and the Methodist revival they initiated in England, during a summer course at Cliff College.

So if you are intrigued or interested, be sure to check back as new posts go up next week.

Incidentally, it’s strange to think about now, but I kept an active weblog long before the term “blog” emerged in our national consciousness. Back in the fall of 1997, when I was student teaching in Germany and weekend-traveling around Europe and the UK, I kept an online web-log of my travels. Granted, I removed it years ago; but I still have the data stored… somewhere….


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