Week 4 (Jan. 29-Feb. 4): Luke 4 – 19

Reading plan for days 22 to 28:

Sunday, 1/29: Luke 4-5
Monday, 1/30: Luke 6-7
Tuesday, 1/31: Luke 8-9
Wednesday, 2/1: Luke 10-11
Thursday, 2/2: Luke 12-14
Friday, 2/3: Luke 15-17
Saturday, 2/4: Luke 18-19

Some introductory comments:

Luke: Love for the “lost”

If we consider Mark to emphasize Jesus’ actions of ministry and healing, and Matthew to emphasize his teachings, Luke emphasizes Jesus’ intended audience. From the Magnificat of Mary (Luke 1), to Jesus’ declaration of his mission (Luke 4), to the three famous parables of “lost” things (Luke 15), Luke over and again emphasizes Jesus’ desire to seek out and to save the “lost” (Luke 19:10).

The Gospel of Luke has been read by many in difficult circumstances as a depiction of the tremendous grace of God for the poor and afflicted. Indeed, the relatively recent Christian cliché – “Jesus loves the least, the last, and the lost” – is rooted in Luke’s depiction of our Savior’s interest and focus.

For an interesting comparison that highlights this focus in Luke, during Monday’s readings I invite you to reflect on the similarities and differences between Jesus’ blessings during the “sermon on the plain” (Luke 6:20-26) with the beatitudes of the “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5:3-12).

Blessed reading to you this week! Please share any comments, insights, or questions about this week’s readings in the comments section below.


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