About WordHeart

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Welcome! I appreciate your virtual visit! Here’s what little you might want to know about me.

Wow. This is an old pic!

First, by the grace of God, I am both husband and daddy, with two young children at home.

By quirk of personality, I am one who loves words.

By vocation I am a pastor, an ordained “elder” within The United Methodist Church. When I started the blog, I was in ministry with the people of Song of Life United Methodist Church in Queen Creek, Arizona. In 2014, I moved to be in ministry with the people of Trinity Heights United Methodist Church in Flagstaff, Arizona, while also serving as the Director for Camping and Retreat Ministries of the Desert Southwest Annual Conference.  Prior to returning to Arizona, I also served 3 appointments (5 churches) in central Illinois.

I started “Word Heart” to share thoughts about the nature of the “heart” as used in Hebrew (lev) and Christian (kardia) Scripture. In particular, my goal was to further explore and write about my personal desire to live out what Christ describes as “purity of heart”…

I also share about my own love for Scripture (the Word), and my journey to have that Word take root and grow in my heart; about my love for words – literature, definitions; and also about my own spiritual journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ and leader in The United Methodist Church.

Enjoy the blog, share your comments & thoughts, and God bless you in your own journey!