Although my dreams of novels or publishing seem further off every year, in effect I did choose a vocation that includes an interesting literary aspect: I “write” to a deadline almost every week. (I quoted “write” because many weeks, after study, reflection, and prayer I only draft an outline, and don’t actually write a proper manuscript.)

That said, many (if not most) weeks my sermon preparation and delivery could be equated to cooking. A decent, nourishing meal, but nothing to write home about. I’m inspired, learn something, and seek to share it with others. But once in a while the Holy Spirit so intercedes and inspires that the result is like the shrimp scampi at Chez Bacano – memorable!

I’ve decided to post a few of those memorable messages and series here on my blog, particularly for people just encountering me or the church I pastor, so they might be a sense both to my content and of my preaching style (there will be some radically different styles here!). So if you’re here and reading, I hope you find the messages / pages / files below inspiring and motivational.

Favorites from years past:

  • The Silver Bracelet” – an Advent series of four story sermons written in 2008, utilizing the readings from the Revised Common Lectionary for Year B
  • “Peace, Peace” – a sermon I wrote and shared during one of the sessions of my experience in the Two Year Academy for Spiritual Formation
  • Not exactly a sermon, but here is an Easter Sunday Worship I wrote with our youth at Trinity Heights UMC!